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Pooches in the Park Event

I just received a call from our groomer, Annabelle's Grooming in Winder. They wanted to let me know that they will be doing a raffle again this year at Pooches in the Park for our organization! We met the owners last year. Pooches in the Park was the first event that our organization attended. Annabelle's Grooming did not have their own booth, but the company they teamed up with ran a couple raffles and after talking to them they put our organization down for the afternoon raffle and the money raised went to our spay/neuter program. Since last year we have built a very close relationship with them. They have groomed several rescue/shelter dogs for free before going to fosters or forever homes. I think it is wonderful how they have supported our organization and that they reached out to me today to let me know that they will have their own booth, several different raffles and that all money raised will go towards our organization!😊❤🐾😊❤🐾😊❤🐾😊❤🐾😊❤🐾😊

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